Matthew 5:27-32, Adultery and Divorce

[February 5, 2012] Jesus is talking about fulfilling the Law and the Prophets by understanding their true aim, otherwise we annul the commandments. Though we may be believers in Christ, our entering the Kingdom of the Heavens depends upon our righteousness exceeding the exacting righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees who presumably . . . → Read More: Matthew 5:27-32, Adultery and Divorce

Mark 10:1-16, Household Relationships within the Church

[August 22, 2010] Today’s passage is about household relationships within the church. First we will consider the passage in its context, and then we will consider the larger issues as they apply to us who live in a very different culture and society.


As we know, the Gospel according to . . . → Read More: Mark 10:1-16, Household Relationships within the Church

Unity Candle Ceremony

[June 27, 2010: I did not like any of the ceremonies I found, so I wrote my own. I placed this ceremony between the vows and the exchange of rings. It assumes that there are five candles on the table, the Unity Candle being in the middle. When it starts, the outer candles . . . → Read More: Unity Candle Ceremony

The Gift of Marriage

[June 27, 2010] We are here today to celebrate the gift of marriage and to give the gift of Christian marriage to you, ______ and ______, so that throughout your life on earth together, you may remember—in good times and bad—that what you have between you is not only in the sight of . . . → Read More: The Gift of Marriage