(Comment Addressed to the Denomination)

Christ only has one church, the holy catholic and apostolic one. He has never had a denomination. Our denomination needs to return to the church, and it can only do so by returning to the Gospel. The Gospel is Christ, the story of His coming and His significance. Jesus Christ is fully revealed to us for our salvation in and through the scriptures of the Old and New Testament canon. I believe that these scriptures should be read canonically and the revelation of Christ is the perspective from which, and the canon by which, the canonical scriptures are themselves to be interpreted. For the Christian, all that God reveals to us God reveals in Christ – as He is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit within these same scriptures. HE is the revelation of the Triune God and as such He reveals the mystery of salvation and thus the mystery and meaning and purpose of creation. If we would accept the authority of the whole canon of the scriptures in all its parts, when so read and understood, as the only authority in the church, then we might have a basis to move forward as a denomination. We would then be moving forward on the only basis that the church has always ever moved forward. Otherwise, I’m afraid the church, the only church Christ has ever had, will pass us by.

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