Unity Candle Ceremony

[June 27, 2010: I did not like any of the ceremonies I found, so I wrote my own. I placed this ceremony between the vows and the exchange of rings. It assumes that there are five candles on the table, the Unity Candle being in the middle. When it starts, the outer candles are already lit, the others are unlit.]

______ and ______, these two candles represent your individual lives. Without Christ they are without a flame.

The Holy Spirit, through others, has set your hearts on fire with love for Christ. I light your two candles with flame from these outer candles, witnesses beside you. 

[The minister lights them.]

They represent your parents who have raised you, friends who have loved you and all who have shared the Gospel of Christ with you. Through faith in Christ and the confession of His name, each of your lives has been set on fire and has become a light to shine on, and to ignite, others.

Today you stand in the presence of God, beneath the cross of Christ who has redeemed you with His blood, and you have declared your love and commitment to each other and to Him, believing sincerely that God has led you, each to the other, that you may walk the pathway of life together as one. The lighting of the middle candle symbolizes the union of your lives and witness.

[The bride and groom take their respective candles and light the middle candle.]

From now on, you will live and grow together, with Christ who is your light and life, the living flame in your hearts, leading your way.

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