The autobiography part of this page has been updated, revised and moved elsewhere. It can now be found at “About Me”


The Purpose of This Website

The purpose of this website is to share myself and my reflections, to chronicle how some of my thinking has changed and developed, and to publish my views on the meaningful life. It includes extensive Biblical expositions and has serious theological content. I hope you enjoy reading at my website.

Years ago I originally planned to use the following categories when I posted my blogs. What happened did not work out this way. Most of my posts are expositions of the four gospels, my constant meditation for many years.

  • The first category would contain my reflections on the subject of the Christian revelation (God’s revelation within Christianity). Originally I thought it would have covered the Gospel and apostolic age, the New Testament, and the theology of revelation and spirituality. I included here Bible expositions in the form of sermon notes.
  • The second category on Personalism has to do with the heart. It should cover topics like friendship and love, family and home.
  • The third category is Creativity and has to do with the soul. I thought it would cover psychoanalysis and dream-work, creative writing, writing fiction, and arts and crafts.
  • The fourth category concerns Contemplation and has to do with body and spirit. It was going to cover what is called “yoga” and Qigong: postures, movement and breathing (chi, and balancing the yin and yang aspects of the five elemental expressions); lectio divina and meditatio; vipassana and contemplatio (Christian contemplative prayer); and the training, practice, and teaching of them. Over the years, however, my understand and practice, enriched by all this, has developed in a decidedly more Franciscan (and less specifically Eastern) direction.
  • The fifth category is Nature or creation. It was my intention to cover (my) being a contemplative woodswoman and naturalist; hiking, backpacking and canoeing; and the importance of wilderness for ecological balance and planetary sanity.
  • The sixth category is Relocalization, which is about community. I wanted it to cover green living, environmentalism and deep ecology; the realization of permaculture principles in the transitional community; and relocalization and reskilling after the “age of energy.” In other words, this would be about the creation of sustainable community environments hospitable to personalism.
  • The seventh category on Apostolic Labor has to do with the churches. It was going to be about the revelation of Christ, through the Scriptures, in the church, and the apostolic labor to establish local churches (the outcome of revelation being the churches).

I recommend that for now, instead of following these categories, which are laid out at the bottom of the heading, the reader follow the pages I created and laid out across the top.