What I Believe

[Things of which I am convinced, in few words. A work in progress …]

DIVINITY: The Trinity, Incarnation and Resurrection
  1. God’s being is one, God’s persons three: Father, Son, Spirit. Each lives in and shares the life of the others. The divine nature in their eternal communion is freely willed outgoing love.
  2. In love with creation, God willed in eternity that one of them, becoming no less divine, take human nature as this one’s own. So Jesus was born of a virgin: in his divine person the divine and created natures are together without confusion or change, the integrity of each upheld yet without separation or division: all of his created nature is also divine.
  3. Before resurrection his divinity was hid unless revealed by Spirit. Resurrected, his humanity became glorified: receiving the divine perfections it became divinized, its integrity still upheld.
CREATION: Glory, Creation and Humanity
  1. God became created, partaking fully in humanity so creation by grace could one day partake fully of divinity: the natures—without confusion or change—nor separate or divided, the persons of creation and the Three remaining their own. Thus glory awaits all creation.
  2. Befitting this, God brings creation into being: Suiting incarnation, its glorification is the mystery of its presence; for its eternity in God is inseparable from its “this-ness” in time. Deriving from God’s goodness, bearing its imprint, all things share, manifest and reflect it.
  3. As persons we are God’s image to God, each other, the rest of creation, having sororal care of creation’s beauty, life and balance.
REDEMPTION: The Mystery of Sin, Divine Judgment and the Passion of Jesus
  1. Sin, the mode of the psychic bubble we together make to insulate ourselves from God, stupefies us to reality. Powers that emerge from its gestalt subjugate us. Yet nothing can erase the goodness of our creation nor God’s love for us.
  2. Because humans depend on God for everything and freely turn from God, judgment occurs. Since God—even in death—sustains us till we return, we suffer and cause others to suffer from our desertion of God.
  3. Ministering only by Spirit Jesus humbled himself under the condition of our sin, was baptized a penitent in solidarity with us, suffered with us under our judgment, died sin’s victim. Thus one with us and loving us in our deepest alienation, he offered his life in love to the Father. Loved by the Father there, he becomes our reconciliation.
THE CHRISTIAN LIFE:  The Holy Spirit, the Church and the Kingdom of God
  1. Jesus revealed is sweet, beautiful, irresistible; revealing him, Spirit wakens us to the Three. All Jesus was and is becomes, as indwelling Spirit (the divine persons co-inhering), our sharing in the life of the Three, by which we become as Jesus was and will become as he is.
  2. Jesus and his story gathers us. Coming to him we are baptized into an orb of forgiveness and beatitude, freed to worship God. Jesus is present by the Scriptures; receiving him by faith at his table we are re-formed his gathering. In its communion our living becomes prayer.
  3. Yet God is active in all that is beautiful, good and true. Ruling all, God tenderly foils human resistance. Jesus’ coming was this rule come near. His presence in the lives of his called continues its nearness, presaging when grace will glorify all creation.