Luke 1:26-38, Mary Mother of God

[December 21, 2014] This is the last Sunday of Advent, the last Sunday for us to prepare for the birth of the Messiah on Christmas Day. It is also the day when we reflect on the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary and announced the birth of Jesus, and . . . → Read More: Luke 1:26-38, Mary Mother of God

Luke 1:26-56, The Word Become Flesh

[December 13, 2009] Last Sunday we read in the beginning of The Gospel according to John how the Word of God—which is God being face-to-face with God and thus the expressing of God’s essence—was the One who expressed creation into being and is expressed everywhere in the creation. We also read how the . . . → Read More: Luke 1:26-56, The Word Become Flesh

Luke 1:26-56, Mary's Yes to God

[December 14, 2008] Last week Luke began the remembrance of Jesus with the elderly couple, Zachariah and Elizabeth, who had been faithful to God for many, many years and yet had no children; and now they were past the age of childbearing and were alone. They represent the few souls in the whole . . . → Read More: Luke 1:26-56, Mary’s Yes to God