John 3:1-17, Divine Birth through Faith

[May 31, 2015] Today is Trinity Sunday, which in our current church calendar falls on the Sunday after Pentecost. Jesus, having suffered and risen from the dead, ascended to “the right hand of the Father” and poured out the power of the Holy Spirit on his qahal, those in Israel who had gathered . . . → Read More: John 3:1-17, Divine Birth through Faith

Matthew 28:2-20, The Beginning

Recapitulation and Fulfillment

[April 8, 2012] Today we come to the last chapter of the Gospel according to Matthew. It is the conclusion not only of the passion account that began in chapter 26 but of the entire gospel. In no way is it an appendix. It is momentous; it is that . . . → Read More: Matthew 28:2-20, The Beginning