Journal Gleanings from This Week

Reading Coleridge

[February 17, 2011] I’ve been reading Richard Holmes’ biography of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. On page 204 of volume 2 Coleridge is reflecting about the need to recognize mystery in order for knowledge (including science) to have any vitality. Mystery must accompany realism or else realism loses its interest, the divine must . . . → Read More: Journal Gleanings from This Week

Wilderness Musings


[September 9-13, 2010] Before I say what I thought about when I was in the woods, let me explain—albeit in garbled fashion—some presuppositions, that is, things I have previously concluded. One has to do with the nature of time in relation to eternity.

Time is something like an illusion. Eternity . . . → Read More: Wilderness Musings